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WarLock Tiles - Town & Village III Angles Expansion

WZK16513 - Wizkids

The newest additions to the highly anticipated WarLock™ Dungeon Tiles line from WizKids are finally available for release! After a year of R&D, Wizkids has perfected the dungeon tile. The WarLock™ Dungeon Tile system solves many of the problems presented with other tile systems. The WarLock™ clips allow players to construct rooms in advance and place them on the table as needed.

Discover what’s around the bend with WarLock™ Tiles: Town & Village III - Angles Expansion! Wander through the halls of the lord’s manor or ascertain the source of mysterious happenings in the storage rooms of the local inn. Diagonals, sharp turns, and corners are easy to build with this helpful set. You’ll be creating memorable encounters in no time!

Key Features:

  • Create diagonal hallways and more to change up your scenes
  • Angled tiles specially designed to work with other tiles!
  • Comes with reversible windows you can swap around.
  • Use the edge caps for a finished edge on your tiles!
  • Combine with Town & Village III - Curves Expansion for even more twists and turns!
  • Fully compatible with WarLock Tiles: Town & Village I and II.

This set includes:

  • 20 of 2”x 2” Stone/Wood Angled Tiles
  • 8 of 2” Plaster Exterior Outside Angled Half Walls
  • 6 of 2” Plaster Exterior Inside Angled Half Walls
  • 6 of 2” Plaster Interior Angled Half Walls
  • 6 of 2” Plaster Exterior Outside Angled Half Window Walls
  • 4 of 2” Plaster Exterior Inside Angled Half Window Walls
  • 16 of 2” Plaster Angled Edge Caps
  • 50 of EZ WarLock™ Clips

 Mix and match with other WarLock Tiles for even larger adventure setups!

This awesome terrain set also includes FREE POSTAGE to anywhere in Australia. 

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