Takom 2038, AMX-13/75 with SS-11 ATGM. (2 in 1) Scale 1:35

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AMX-13/75 with SS-11 ATGM. Scale 1:35

TK2038 - Takom Models

This series of tanks was sold to customers all around the world and especially saw action in the Middle East and South America. Fast and agile for a tank, it had a series of developments that made it a great choice for countries to purchase.

The AMX-13 was probably the best known vehicle that was mounted with a turret, and it was also the most used worldwide, and is still used by some armies today. It remains the most produced tank by any country in western Europe and by far the greatest production of any French tank.

The use of an oscillating turret in these tanks was the way to integrate a larger gun in a smaller turret, allowed by the use of an autoloader, while the lower part of the turret was conventional and still fully traversed.

This meant that the whole “upper” (oscillating) turret was depressed or elevated as a single block. In a conventional turret, the gun was elevated and depressed independently inside, the turret providing only sideways traverse. The advantages of such a system were to provide a much smaller -thus lighter- kind of turret, that could mount a bigger gun compared to the size of the chassis.

Initially, the tank had a 75 mm (2.95 in) rifled gun, and overall 2,000 vehicles of this configuration were built for the French Army. In 1965, a new 90 mm (3.54 in) rifled gun was mounted on a modified FL-10 turret. This gun had a new muzzle brake and heat insulated housing. Five types of ammunition were used, standard Armor-piercing (APFSDS), anti-personal canister, high explosive (HE), cumulative (HEAT) and smoke.

32 shots were stored, 21 inside the turret and 11 in barillets. The tank had two 7.62 mm (0.3 in) machine guns (one coaxial and one in an anti-aircraft mount) fed with 200 round bands, 3600 rounds stored in all.

The variation of this tank numbered AMX-13 T75 was fitted with four SS.11 ATGM launchers to upgrade the effectiveness of the 75mm Main Gun .

The launcher was fitted on top of the main gun, that fired x4 SS-11 ATGM. It was later re-designated “AMX-13 T75 avec TCA” once it was fitted with an electronic guidance system for the missiles.

The Model

This model features a gun that can pitch and all hatches can be built in open or closed position.  Parts come molded in grey plastic with a few bits of clear.  Tracks are individual links also moulded in grey.  The turret canvas has been moulded in a pliable soft rubber greenish-brown material to simulate the turret canvas.  Photo-etched metal detail parts and decals for five marking options are also included!

Model Features:

  • Detailed static display plastic model
  • Photo Etch and Clear parts included
  • Individual tracks
  • 5 Types of markings
  • The Gun can pitch
  • All hatches can be built in Open or Closed position

Glue and paint are required for this model. (Not included).

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