Ryefield RM-5012, Sturmtiger with Full Interior. Scale 1:35

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Sturmtiger with Full Interior and working tracks. Scale 1:35

RM-5013 - Ryefield Models

A unique vehicle, the Sturmmorser Tiger assault tank fired a 380mm rocket-propelled round. It was designed to provided infantry units with heavy fire support in urban and heavily fortified areas. There were 18 built and they took part in several combat operations in the last year of World War II, notably the Warsaw Uprising and the battle for the bridge at Remagen.

The main gun was adapted from a Kriegsmarine depth-charge thrower capable of launching a 15-inch shell. To compensate for the launcher’s limited range, rocket-assisted ammunition was developed and the fearsome weapon was capable of leveling buildings.

 The Model

Ryefield’s kit includes the interior and comprises nearly 2,100 plastic parts on 19 sprues each packaged in resealable clear bags. Many of these sprues are common to Ryefield’s Tiger I kits so many of the parts are used here.

The individual-link tracks have separate guides and pins. That makes four parts for each link, 96 links for each side, and a total of 768 parts for the tracks alone.

The 28-page instruction booklet is well illustrated with accurate drawings that show fine details. The small decal sheet provides balkenkreuz, as well as stencils for the 380mm shells. Two photo-etch (PE) frets supply engine grilles, latches, and framing for the floor. One of the more unusual parts is the Photo Etch sleeve for the gun’s rifling. 

The interior includes the engine compartment with the power plant, cooling system, and fuel tanks, and the fighting compartment with ammunition, radios, transmission, floor, and the driver’s position.

Rubber bushings allow the gun, including the breech, to elevate and traverse. The breech is posable and it can be left movable.

The casemate roof is moulded in clear plastic. If you wish to leave it that way to display the interior take care gluing on the ventilators and hatches to avoid marring the parts.

Kit Highlights:

  • Highly detailed static model, including full interior
  • Highly detailed Photo Etch parts included
  • Clear roof so that interior visible
  • Workable track links.
  • Included jig to assist with assembling tracks

Glue and paint are required for this model. (Not included).

This outstanding detailed model kit also includes FREE postage to anywhere in Australia.

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