Amusing Model 35A038. Russian T72-M1 Tank with Full Interior. Scale 1:35 FREE Postage

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Russian T72-M1. Scale 1:35

AMU35A038 - Amusing Model

After a long fight within the Russian Politburo and Ministry of Defence, the Soviets introduced the T-72 tank into production in 1973. It wasn't long before Soviet states, as part of the Warsaw Pact also wanted versions of this tank.

In 1978, an export version of this tank was released but it came in two models. One for the Warsaw Pact members and a lesser version for third world customers.

The initial models closely matched the original T-72 but with some changes such as one-piece glacis armor vice the three-layer (steel-fiberglass-steel) and changes to the NBC protection; the Warsaw Pact ones got reduced levels compared to the Soviet domestic tanks and the third world ones were stripped out.

In 1981 a new model, the T-72M, was offered with the Object 172M-Eh3 going to the Pact and the –Eh4 to the third world. This was also the first one offered for foreign production in the CSSR and Poland. It was similar to the Soviet T-72A but as noted did not have as good an armor package.

Finally, another upgraded version was offered in 1983 as the T-72M1 with the Object 172M-Eh5 going to the Pact and the 172M-Eh6 for export and now produced in India. These had a new turret design and a new appliqué plate on the glacis to provide additional protection; while the Pact tanks appear to have had silicon rods in the turret to provide better HEAT projectile resistance the Eh6 models did not.

But both models could be identified by a bulge up to 90mm thick in its center, located just below the cable runs for the Type 902A “Tucha” smoke grenade launchers.

There are no good numbers on Soviet production of the M and M1 tanks, but the CSSR and Poland each built about 1,500 and Yugoslavia another 600 of the similar M84 tank based on the T-72M. India has more than 1,900 T-72M and T-72M1 tanks.

The Model Kit

All exterior parts are moulded in either dark green or light brown (tracks) and all interior parts are in grey.

There is a 30 page manual for assembly instructions covering 53 steps. The first series of steps explain the lower hull assembly and then followed by the pilot compartment interior assembly. Next are the "Zhelud" auto loader and spare ammunition stowage areas, then engine and transmission, then turret assembly. To display the interior compartments, the instructions recommend to not cement the turret. 

There are paint scheme directions provided for six different tanks, NVA with national markings and three color camo (dark green, black, sand grey); Finnish with national roundels in a similar three color scheme; Hungary in dark green with bort number 146; Syrian with national flags and two color green and sand camo; Armenia in three color camo with bort number 3514; Czech Army in dark green with national roundels and bort number 069. A small decal sheet is included.

Also included in this kit is a large poster of the box art by Ron Volstad and an NVA traffic regulator in resin with separate hands and baton. He is well done and nicely sculpted. However no other crew figures come with the kit.

The model kit includes over 1600 parts, water slide decals, photo etched parts, resin parts for the figure, vinyl coated wire and black thread.

Glue and paint are required to complete this model (not included).

This great kit also features FREE Postage to anywhere in Australia.

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