AF35347 AFV Club. Husky Mk III Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector. Scale 1:35

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Husky Mk III Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector, 1:35 scale

AFV35347 -AFV Club

Landmines were seriously abused in Angola and Namibia when they involved in the South African Border War which broke out in 1966. There were as many landmines as people buried in these two countries. Since the '70's the South African National Defence Forces tried to clear these mines out. Consequently, they acquired a wealth of knowledge on how to detect and to dispose of them safely. In order to improve the efficiency, vehicle mounted mine detecting systems were used by the military, and these proved their ability.

Early in the 21st Century, the US military involved in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. The organised forces of their opponents were quickly overwhelmed in conventional warfare, benefited by the technical gap of numerous generations between two sides. However, armed insurgents against the US armed forces were subdivided into countless smaller cells. They widely used improvised explosive devices to attack and create harassment, caused significant threats to the US-led coalition forces and even civilians. More than 60% of US casualties were caused by such devices constructed of hand grenades or shells.

The Husky Device Mine Detector produced by South African based RSD of Dorbyl Ltd was originally developed for the South African Defence Force. After testing in the US, it was awarded orders from the US Army. Husky entered service with engineering units of the US Army and Marine Corps in 2007. Differing from previous mine detecting systems, Husky VMMD can clear a path up to three metres wide, determine the type of device and mark its location for follow up interrogation by subsequent vehicles. Numerous lives of soldiers and civilians were saved due to the success of the Husky.

The US Army and Marine Corps tested the new Mk III in 2010, proving that it was capable of withstanding the blast of 15kg of TNT, and it is safe to the operator even when the explosion occurs under the wheel. The they were awarded a further order of Husky vehicles.

Model features:

  • Highly detailed driving compartment interior
  • Driving compartment hatch door cab be built open or closed
  • Chassis and suspension system according to research on real vehicle
  • Included precise photo etch parts
  • Realistic replicated tyre tread pattern and sidewall shape
  • Simulated wiring similar to real vehicle
  • Pulse induction metal detectors on both sides are collapsible
  • Full colour gloss instructional manual 

Paint and glue are required and not included.

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