AF35303 AFV Club. British Centurion MkIII Tank - Korean War. Scale 1:35

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British Centurion MkIII Tank- Korean War. 1:35 scale

AFV35303 -AFV Club

The British Centurion tank first appeared in the European battlefield toward the end of WWII. The initial MkI utilised a welded turret and could fire a 17 pound APDS (Armour piercing discarding sabot) rounds. This was considered the state of the art anti-tank weapon for western standards. Production of the +Centurion MkII incorporated a cast turret with significantly increased armour, began in November 1945. The MkII retailed the 17 pound round and upgrades included a coaxial machine gun on the mantlet and stowage boxes on both sides of the turret.

Nearing the end of WWII relations between the USSR and the Western allies worsened. Simultaneously the 17 pound round was less effective against newly developed Russian tanks fitted with 20 pound projectiles.

The Centurion MkII got a 20 pound gun. This round relied on a higher chamber pressure for its increased armour piercing ability. Other improvements included an upgraded power plant, and an automatic gun stabiliser.

The Centurion received its baptism of fire in 1950 during the Korean War. MkIII's were sent to Pyongyang on rail cars to provide cover for retreating UN troops after their November 11th landing on Pusan.

The centurion MkIII proved its excellence while serving in Operation Commando which was aimed at securing the supply line for UN Troops surrounding Seoul. This tank proved to be the most advanced battle tank of the UN's arsenal and remained in production until 1956.  

Box Features:

  • New tooling MkIII Turret
  • Metal Gun Barrel with rifling
  • Workable suspension with metal springs
  • Rubber mantlet cover
  • Clear parts for Vision Block and Periscopes
  • Realistic paintable rubber outer rim tyres with circumferential ribbing inside the rim
  • Detailed flexible tracks
  • Photo etch parts included
  • Colour gloss instructional manual

Paint and glue are required and not included.

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