AF35108 AFV Club. M108 Self-propelled 105mm L30 Howitzer. Aust Decals Scale 1:35

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M108 Self-propelled 105mm L30 Howitzer. Aust Decals, 1:35 scale

AFV35108 -AFV Club

Since WWII, the self propelled guns in the US Army inventory have been developed form tank chassis. Operationally, such chassis could not fulfill the requirements for mounting a Howitzer. Moreover, they lacked the armour protection for its crew.

At the end of WWII, the Cold War heightened tensions. In response the Army expressed a need for a new, fully armoured, tracked type, self propelled artillery.

The new design consisted of an aluminium-alloyed chassis with amphibious capability and a turret that would traverse 360 degrees, carrying a 110mm or 156mm barrel.

The T196E1 with a 155mm barrel was officially designated M109 and began in production in 1961.

The M108 received its baptism of fire in Vietnam in 1966, but it was soon discovered that its mobility wasn't comparable to artillery carried and transported by helicopter. However, with a 360 degree turret and armour protection, the M108's were used as fire support at US bases. This model was removed from US service in 1974 and was then able to be supplied to other allied countries.

Model features:

  • New M108 turret
  • New M108 hull (air ducting, side and forward seat screws for inflatable floatation kit)
  • New rear parting door
  • Two type rear fender, including New early type fender
  • Movable hatches
  • New M103 105mm Howitzer barrel with rifling
  • Movable M103 105mm Howitzer - pitch and angle
  • Includes Australian, ROCA, USA, Belgium, Brazil and Spanish decals
  • Full colour gloss instructional manual 

Paint and glue are required and not included.

 This detailed model kit also includes FREE postage to anywhere in Australia.

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