Academy 12330 V-156-B1 "Chesapeake" WWII Vindicator Bomber, 1:48 Scale

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Academy -V-156-B1 "Chesapeake" WWII Vindicator Bomber, 1:48 Scale


In January 1938, the Navy ordered 58 additional Vindicators with some minor changes in internal equipment. These aircraft were designated SB2U-2 and were externally identical to the SB2U-1. While whole squadrons were initially equipped with the SB2U-2, it didn't take long with attrition replacements for the Bombing Squadrons to be equipped with a mixture of SB2U-1s and SB2U-2s. The SB2U-1 and SB2U-2 were essentially obsolete by the time the US entered World War 2, though a number of them served aboard the USS Ranger conducting anti-submarine patrols in the Atlantic until replaced by the SBD Dauntless in mid-1942.

The Chesapeake was the export version that saw service with the Royal Navy and the French Navy during the late 1930's but were considered too underpowered to be effective in combat.

On this Academy model, the cockpit interior is replicated very thoroughly, right down to the curved pilot's floor that is actually the top of the wing. The side framing in the front and rear cockpits with all of the associated detailing is also well done. Photo-etched seat belts are included for the front and rear cockpits.

Externally, the kit features your choice of open or closed cowl flaps, raised or lowered landing gear, open or closed canopies, and your choice of training or full-sized bombs, or even a centerline fuel tank.

Markings are included for seven examples:

  • V-156-B, AL924, K, 811 Sqn, FAA, NAS Lee-on Solent, 1941
  • V-156-B, AL918, F, 811 Sqn, FAA, NAS Lee-on Solent, 1941
  • V-156-B, AL943, FAA
  • V-156-B, AL912, FAA
  • V-156-F, No.20, 10, Escadrille AB1, Boulogne-Alprech, 1939-1940
  • V-156-F, No.7, 6, Escadrille AB1, Boulogne-Alprech, 1939-1940
  • V-156-F, No.12, ABI-12, Escadrille AB1, Boulogne-Alprech, 1939-1940

Suitable for ages 14 and up. Scale 1:48. Completed length of kit is 272 mm and height 98 mm.

Skill Level 4. Glue and paint are required for this model. (Not included).