Academy 13521 - USSR M10 "Lend-Lease" Tank with figures, Scale 1:35

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Academy - USSR M10 "Lend-Lease" Tank with figures, Scale 1:35


The Russian M10 tank has a detailed interior, and the outside of the Hull is also very nicely detailed with all the little details that are added plus the molded-in features such as the weld lines and positionable crew hatch's.

The suspension Bogie's are very details each one had around 16 pieces including the road wheels. Choose between early war or late bogie/ road wheel to use on the kit.

The Turret of the M10, is well detailed on the .50 cal and .30 cal machine gun. The M7 76.2 main gun is positional.

There is a 5 person set of Soviet crewfigures - 1 driver and 4 crewmen in various poses.

Excellent instruction sheet as well as a paint colour guide.

Decals include the Soviet star, the sickle, and numbers.

Skill Level 4. Glue and paint are required for this model. (Not included).