Academy 12618 - USAF B-47 "306th BW(M), 1:144 scale

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Academy - USAF B-47 "306th BW(M), 1:144 scale


The B-47 was the first swept-wing jet bomber in the US Air Force's inventory, serving the USAF from 1951 to 1969. The US Navy flew some EB-47Es until 1977. Development began in 1943, and the design changed several times until Boeing came up with a 6-jet aircraft with the engines in pods under the wings. Because of the size of the engine pods, the main landing gear was set up as a "bicycle", with 2 main gear under the fuselage, and smaller outriggers under the engine pods. With this setup, the B-47 could not rotate the nose on takeoff. The main gear was set so the aircraft sat at optimum takeoff angle at all times. The B-47 was subsonic, but extremely fast for the 1950s, setting a number of time and distance records, with speeds around 600 miles per hour.

The Academy B-47 is a rework of the 2002 Hobbycraft kit. As such, it is pretty much up to modern standards, with recessed panel lines and decent fit. But what makes this kit a winner is that Academy has done a lot of work on the molds, and added a bunch of parts.

This kit provides the option to build one of 11 different versions of the B-47. With various noses, wing tips, underwing tanks, fuselage additions, engine mounts and markings, you can do any of these: 2 B-47Bs, 4 Bs upgraded to Es, 3 B-47Es or 2 RB-47Hs.

The decals are by Cartograf, and they are spectacularly good.

Whenn completed, the model is 235 mm longand 63 mm tall.

Skill Level 3. Glue and paint are required but are not included.

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