Academy 14223 - U.S.S. Missouri BB-63, Modellers Edtion, 1:700 Scale

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Academy - U.S.S. Missouri BB-63, Modellers Edtion, 1:700 Scale


The kit can be built in her WW2 and Korean War configuration.  This kit belongs to Academy's 1/700 "Modelers Edition" and as such includes photo etched parts and masking sheet for the main deck.

The kit consists of over 140 parts and comes on five gray sprues, four hull red sprues, one photo etch sheet, one masking sheet, and one sheet of decals. All panel lines are engraved and all the sprues have small gates. The instruction manual comes in 2 sections. Manual 1 shows the suggested assembly of the hull and main deck through 10 steps starting with a decision to build either the full hull version or the water line version. If you choose to build the full hull version the, the hull comes as two pieces, the forward half and the aft half molded in hull red. The seam line ends up being located just forward of the main deck main gun. The main deck comes a one piece molded in gray plastic. Manual 2 shows the assembly of the super structure decks, and progressing through the mast and funnel construction. The radar dish comes as a photo etched part. Also on the photo etch sheet are the deck railings.

The hull number decals are printed in white with black shadow as is the stern name. There are also American flags included.

Glue will be required and paint may be required. Neither are included.

Skill level 5.