Atlantis AMCM220 - Tom Daniel's - Ghost of the Red Baron 1:3 Scale

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Atlantis - Tom Daniel's - Ghost of the Red Baron 1:3 Scale


Atlantis have re-created  the rare, old Monogram kit after 49 years. The mold is the original Monogram as is the package art as released in the 1970's.

The kit was designed by Tom Daniels. It features a skull wearing a chrome Pickelhaube Prussian Spiked Helmet on a Maltese Cross base inspired by Harken Kreuz.

The total height of the finished model is greater than 170mm and the helmet and pedestal have a realistic plated finish.

As the box art states, "...when you see the Red Baron''s ghostly image with gleaming chromed helmet and gently rocking bone-white skull with its glowing eyes. Discover the curse of the Red Baron in your own darkened room. If you dare. See his gently rocking head lull yu to sleep at night."

The skull has rubber bands to give the impression of being possessed and the neck shakes.

The glasses are modelled with coloured yellow lens parts.

It is a Snap Togethor kit so no glue or paint are required. Scale is 1:3.