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Shadows of Brimstone , Forbidden Fortess: Core Set

FFP0710 - Flying Frog Productions

Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress is a fast paced, co-operative, dungeon-crawl board game set in Feudal Japan, and mixed with Unspeakable Horror! Each player creates a character, taking on the role of a classic Japanese Hero Archetype, such as Samurai Warrior, Ninja Assassin, Travelling Monk or even a mystical sorceress.

Forming a party of Heroes, the players explore a dynamically generated fortress, overcoming dangerous encounters and fighting savage creatures, while collecting Gear and Artifacts to help them on their adventures. Heroes can even find portals to other worlds, stepping through to continue their adventure on the other side.

A campaign system allows Heroes to be kept from game to game, earning experience and going up in levels to increase their skills and gain new abilities. The Heroes can also visit local Feudal Villages between adventures, spending their hard earned loot and re-supplying for the next mission. So draw your swords, strap on your Samurai Armour, and gather the party, the Darkness is coming, and the gates of hell are about to the Forbidden Fortress.

Players take on the role of courageous Heroes, fighting back a tide of evil creatures and demons that have invaded their world! Play as the stalwart Samurai Warrior, using your mastery of the Katana and your bushido code of honour to defeat your foes in combat, the nimble and deadly ninja Assassin, using stealth and speed as weapons, the Traveling Monk, a member of an ancient Yamabushi order devoted to fighting supernatural creatures wherever they may be found, and the powerful and mystic Sorceress, who wields Elemental Magik to crush her enemies

Set in Feudal Japan, the Heroes must brave the Forbidden Fortress; a feudal castle overrun with all manner of Demons, Ghosts, and Monsters inspired by Japanese myth and legend. The massive Oni, red beast-like ogres wielding giant clubs, stalk the halls, while deadly Tengu sword masters descend from the skies with their raven wings to attack the Heroes. Legions of Samurai Dishonored Dead rise from the grave, and writhing Acidic Tentacles burst from the floor to spit acid and feed on the Heroes with their razor sharp teeth. But at the heart of the fortress lie the most terrifying and epic foes of all; the Harionago, a ghostly, demonic woman, held aloft by the twisting strands of her animated hair, which is also used to entangle and slash at the Heroes with its vicious barbs, and the towering Living Statue, possessed by Darkness to break away from its posts, wreaking havoc and smashing the castle it was once built to protect!

Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress can be played on its own as a stand-alone game, or it can be used in combination with any and all of the other Shadows of Brimstone products already available! It is fully compatible, in every way! For new players, Forbidden Fortress will make a great introduction to the world of Shadows of Brimstone, and for veteran players, it adds a ton of new content, including two brand new Worlds to explore - the Japanese castles and temples of the Forbidden Fortress and a living world inside a massive creature in the Belly of the Beast. It also includes a brand new set of Heroes and Enemies to add to your games. With the option of starting your Heroes in Feudal Japan or the Old West, or having a mixed party of Heroes, drawn from both worlds, the possibilities are endless!

Box Contains:

  • 1 Full colour 40 page Rulebook
  • 1 Full colour 64 page Adventure Book
  • 16 Small Dice / 1 Eight sided Die
  • 12 Room Map Tiles / 1 Entrance Map Tiles
  • 9 Passage Map Tiles
  • 14 End Cap / 4 Gate End Cap Map Tiles
  • 1 Depth Track
  • A large assortment of die-cut counters
  • 1 CD Soundtrack of original music
  • 4 Double Sided Hero Character Sheets
  • 7 Double sided Enemy Record Sheets
  • 9 Double sided Extra Large Cards
  • 4 Side Bag Cards /10 Reference Cards
  • 4 Plastic Hero Figures
  • 6 Plastic Acidic Tentacles
  • 6 Plastic Tengu
  • 6 Plastic Dishonoured Dead
  • 3 Large Plastic Oni
  • 1 Large Horionago
  • 1 Extra Large Plastic Living Statue
  • 18 Card Mine Map Deck
  • 18 Card Fortress Map Deck
  • 24 Card Gear Deck / 10 Card Starter Gear Deck
  • 20 Card Fortress Encounter Deck
  • 18 Card Fortress Artifact Deck
  • 26 Threat Cards / 7 Belly of the Beast Threat Cards
  • 7 Card Growing Dread Deck
  • 12 Card Darkness deck
  • 10 card Personal Items Deck
  • 12 Card Loot Deck
  • 12 Card Scavenger Deck
  • 15 Card Belly of the Beast Encounter Deck
  • 12 Card Passage Encounter Deck 
  • 15 Card Belly of the Beast Artifact Deck
  • 21 Card Belly of the Beast Map Card
  • 13 Hero Starting Upgrade Cards
  • 24 Card Elemental Magik Deck
  • 10 Card Samurai Battle Tactic Deck
  • 4 Ninja Clan Cards
  • 6 Enemy Trait Cards / 3 World cards

Models are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue will be needed and painting is optional but recommended.

This awesome mega box of treasures and wonder also includes FREE POSTAGE to anywhere in Australia.

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