Pegasus PEG9020 - The Relic - "Kothoga" creature, 1:12 scale

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Pegasus - The Relic - "Kothoga" creature. 1:12 scale


The release of The Relic in 1997 a horror/thriller film set in the Chicago Natural History Musuem. The film pits Lt Vincent D'Agosta and Dr Margo Green against the murderous monster Kothoga.

Unleashed from the horror movie THE RELIC comes the frightening Kothoga creature model kit! With its powerful tail, menacing claws and huge mandible pinchers, it takes its place as one of the scariest movie monster designs ever produced by the legendary Stan Winston Studios. Comes with museum style display base (12 inches long) and detailed tribal idol statue. Skill level 2 for ages 14 and up.

Glue and paint are required (not included).