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Operation Kaldstrom Battle Pack

280030-0820 - Corvus Belli Infinity CodeOne

Infinity CodeOne is a skirmish-scale miniatures game for two players that takes about 45 minutes to play. It is built around the same core system as Infinity, but features modifications to make it easier to learn and more suitable for smaller, faster battles.

Operation Kaldstrøm is a box containing 14 miniatures belonging to two different armies, an introductory ruleset, cardboard scenery, dice - everything you need to start collecting Infinity CodeOne or just to complete your collection!

In addition to this, Operation Kaldstrøm is the official way to introduce yourself to the Infinity CodeOne ruleset, as it includes a full color rulebook with 5 tutorial missions to teach you how to play, making it easy to understand the CodeOne core mechanics.

It contains two new Starter Packs for two factions: PanOceania, the hyperpower of the Infinity universe; and Yu Jing, PanOceania's main contender , its perpetual opponent. To complete the game experience, it also includes a ready-to-play, double-sided printed cardboard scenery (4 Medium Buildings, 4 Small Buildings, 4 Holoads, 2 Public Consoles, and 9 Blast Barriers), a Game Mat, 6 twenty-sided dice (3 for PanOceania and 3 for Yu Jing), cardboard Markers, Templates, a measuring tool. Everything you need to start playing!

This kit also features an extra Pre-Order Exclusive Model - Kunai S. Mercenary Ninja.


PanOceania Starter Pack
  ‣ 3 x Fusiliers
  ‣ 1 x Orc Trooper
  ‣ 1 x Nøkk
  ‣ 1 x Infirmarer
  ‣ 1 x Knight of Justice

Yu Jing Starter Pack
  ‣ 3 x Zhanshi
  ‣ 1 x Dàofĕi
  ‣ 1 x Gŭiláng
  ‣ 1 x Hùndùn
  ‣ 1 x Jujak

Cardboard Scenery
  ‣ 2 x Medium Buildings
  ‣ 2 x Small Buildings
  ‣ 4 x Holoads
  ‣ 2 x Public Consoles
  ‣ 9 x Blast Barriers

Cardboard Accessories
  ‣ 52 x State Markers & Orders
  ‣ 1 x Large Teardrop Template
  ‣ 1 x Small Teardrop Template
  ‣ 1 x Circular Template
  ‣ 2 x Rulers
  ‣ 2 x Silhouette Template Sets

1 x Paper Game Mat
6 x Twenty-sided Dice
2 Players. Ages 14 and up. Game duration 30 to 60 minutes.

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