MO976 Moebius - Star Trek: USS Kelvin 1:1000 Scale. FREE Postage.

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Moebius - Star Trek: USS Kelvin 1:1000 Scale


The USS Kelvin was an early Federation starship that encountered a huge Romulan vessel from the future. This event was the basis of the divergent timelines between the original group of Star Trek series (TOS, Next Generation, DS9, Voyager) and the 'reboot' movies that featured Chris Pine as Captain Kirk. The events of the TV series Enterprise preceded the destruction of the Kelvin. As the movie 'Star Trek' opens with the USS Kelvin's encounter with the Romulans, there is a flurry of action that leads to the destruction of the Kelvin, all before the opening credits of the movie.

This is the latest Star Trek kit from Moebius Models, this time rendering the USS Kelvin in 1/1000 scale. The Kelvin is molded in light gray styrene and presented on four parts trees, plus upper and lower saucer sections and display stand, and one tree of clear parts.

The kit has been designed for interior hull lighting, the engine nacelle lighting and lighting added to the navigation deflector. The kit does NOT include lighting but can be purchased separately.

It should be noted that they have included a realy nice display stand.

Full colour instructions are included, and there are instructions for rendering the Aztec patterns on the ship should you want to.

This kit also comes with two sets of decals, one with fresh markings of the Kelvin in service, and the other with slight weathering.

Skill Level 3. Glue and paint are required (not included).

This model kit includes FREE Postage to anywhere in Australia.