Escape the Dark Castle: Scourge of the Undead Queen - Expansion

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Escape the Dark Castle: Scourge of the Undead Queen - Strategy Game Expansion


Gorging on the castle’s unending supply of tortured souls, the Undead Queen calls to her service the corpses, skeletons, and spirits of the depths. If a prisoner should fall at the hands of her inexhaustible armies, all that awaits is an eternity of agonising undeath…

Scourge of the Undead Queen is the 2nd Expansion for  Escape the Dark Castle.

Expansion Box Includes:

  • 1 New Boss: The Undead Queen, a foul necromancer bent on enslaving your soul
  • 15 New Chapters: The Undead Queen’s terrifying forces, and new castle locations 
  • 3 Companion Characters: Vital allies to accompany you and aid in your escape
  • 3 Companion Trigger Cards: Event cards which signify the arrival of a Companion
  • 3 Companion Dice: Used to carry out Companion actions and special abilities
  • 2 New Items: Each a powerful relic for the prisoners to discover
  • 1 New Item Dice: Used to apply the powers of a relic

In addition, this expansion also includes a New Game Mechanic called Companions.

These characters can appear during a quest and join-up with the prisoners to assist in their escape. Fans of roleplaying games will know them by the term NPCs (non-player characters). 

Players will now encounter event cards in the item deck which trigger the arrival of one of the Companions. Each Companion has a unique mixture of traits and a special ability. They are powerful allies but their presence may be fleeting, so prisoners must choose carefully how and when to call on them.

Adventure Packs

This Adventure Pack (expansion) is designed to expand and deepen your adventures. You must have a copy of Escape the Dark Castle to use one. Each Pack follows a similar format - adding new chapters, characters and items to the game. Each pack also introduces a new mechanic which brings a little more complexity - but these new elements are always optional.

You can play the chapter cards from an Adventure Pack in order (as in, not shuffled) as a standalone themed quest of its own. Alternatively, you can mix the new chapter cards into the contents of the main game for even greater variety. If you change your mind later, you can easily separate the cards by set, using the unique codes subtlety printed onto each card.

The idea is that you can pick and choose before each game from among all the cards in your collection, which cards and rules you'd like to play with this time. So, you can tailor the game to your taste and level each time you play.

Think of the Escape the Dark Castle range as something of a toolkit.

A copy of Escape the Dark Castle core game is required to use this expansion.

    1 - 4 Players, Ages 14 and up. Game duration between 20 and 45 minutes.

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