DR1037 Dragon. German Z-39 Class Destroyer. Scale 1:350. FREE POSTAGE

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German Z-39 Class Destroyer. Scale 1:350, 1:350 Scale

DR1037 Dragon

This stunning model kit is the follow up to the groundbreaking 1/350 model of the Scharnhorst, now following up this success with a second German ship in the same 1/350 scale – the Z-39 Destroyer. Dragon has created the best German battleship kit in the market, and now has done the same with a German destroyer!

Though this kit of Z-39 is smaller than the Scharnhorst, there is no reduction at all in the level of detail. This is a brand new kit with all-new tooling, with only the launch and twin 3.7cm anti aircraft guns being reused from the preceding model. The kit is produced with the highest levels of engineering and moulding excellence. The gun turrets, for example, are finely and fully detailed. The destroyer can be assembled as a full-hull or waterline-hull model. A comprehensive selection of photo-etched parts are available to upgrade this sophisticated plastic kit. To finish it off, there are even some miniature figures to add, three of which are in completely new poses. This is an amazing kit, and is a most worthy partner to the Scharnhorst!

KIt Features:

  • Newly tooled 3-directional slide-moulded twin 150mm gun turret
  • Newly tooled 37mm LM42 intricately reproduced
  • Newly tooled mid superstructure with 533mm torpedo launcher
  • Delicate paravane is newly tooled
  • Waterline or full-hull version can be assembled
  • One piece slide-moulded upper hull with undercut details realistically represented
  • Bilge keels are represented on lower hull by slide-mould technology
  • Realistically detailed slide-moulded gun barrels with hollow ends
  • 150mm twin turret with 2-square life rafts reproduced
  • Delicate twin Flak 38 LM43
  • 20mm Naval-vierling with fine details
  • Slide-moulded 127mm single-2
  • 3.7 twin anti-aircraft gun with fine details and photo-etched gunner seat
  • Accurately reproduced torpedo boom
  • Extra-thin shield walls on superstructure reproduced for accurate 1/350 scale appearance
  • Delicate winch and detailed mine rails are accurately replicated
  • Accurate workboat stowage and captains boat are included
  • 3m rangefinders with finest details and 4m rangefinders are produced
  • Square life rafts are realistically produced
  • Signal lamp delicately rendered
  • Detailed torpedo locker
  • Delicate funnel on bridge with accurate detail intricately reproduced
  • Realistic photo-etched funnel cap grills with fine details
  • Delicate FuMO 63 radar is accurately presented
  • Intricately reproduced Mast
  • Sumatra radar faithfully replicated
  • Delicate vent door area is accurately presented

Glue and paint required but not included.

This awesome model kit also includes FREE POSTAGE to anywhere in Australia.

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