AF35323 AFV Club. US Army M113 Gun Truck - Vietnam. Scale 1:35 FREE Postage

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US Army M113 Gun Truck - Vietnam.. 1:35 scale

AFV35323 -AFV Club

For the French, the war in India-China came to a conclusion in 1954 with the French regime retreating out of the peninsula and Vietnam separated at the 17th parallel into North and South by the Geneva Conference. To counter the advance of communism from the north, the US continued to serve as military advisor to the South Vietnamese government. In 1960, guerrilla groups, controlled by the People's Liberation Armed Forces (also known as the National Liberation Front) or Vietcong, were organised with the objective of countering the influence of the US in South Vietnam.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident of 1964 precipitated an increased US involvement in the conflict. In March of the following year US troops landed at the coastal city of Da Nang. By this time however, many inland villages were under control of the Vietcong. This required multiple forward inland bases to be built from which the US forces could stage counter offensives. These bases relied heavily on re-supply via many small, meandering roads, which became primary targets for the Vietcong. Initial re-supply convoys, armed only with personnel light weapons, were often outgunned by ambushing Vietcong. Increased firepower was required to counter the threat. This was especially true for the M113 tracked type troop carriers, which were unable to keep up with the speed of the wheeled convoy.

Attempts are made to load sand bags and machine guns on the M35 and M54 trucks and to provide one gun per 10 transport trucks. The heavy rain in the area caused the sandbags to become waterlogged increasing the weight of the gun trucks and slowing them down. Armour plates, installed in place of sand bags, worked however, armour plating was in short supply.As an alternative, an entire M113 hull (minus its drivetrain and loading system) was loaded onto the bed of an M54 truck. Many such guns trucks were produced but due to the nature of field modifications, each varied in detail. Although it was initiated as a temporary makeshift solution for convoy defence, the gun truck remained in service until the end of hostilities in 1972.

Box Features:

  • M54 5 Ton Truck carry M113 hull
  • Precisely replicates details of interior cabin
  • Highly detailed transmission
  • Accurately reproduced chassis and suspension systems are based on thorough study of actual vehicle
  • Plastic injection tyres
  • Front wheel steering
  • New heighten exhaust pipe
  • New armour plating for M54 cab
  • Side gun shield for 0.50 cal M2 MG
  • Containing 3 units 0.50 cal M2 MG
  • New turnbuckle assembly
  • US Army Vietnam War "King Cobra" specialised decals
  • Gloss colour instructional manual

Paint and glue are required and not included.

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