AF35217 AFV Club. British Ordnance QF 6-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun. Scale 1:35

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British Ordnance QF 6-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun. 1:35 scale

AFV35217 -AFV Club

When the 2 pounder entered into British military services in 1936, its anti-armour capability was considered inadequate for modern military warfare. Hence the 6 pounder (57mm) anti-armour started to develop in 1938, and accepted by the British Army smoothly as the calibre that has been standard in the Royal Navy since the 19th Century.

By 1940 the barrel design was completed. At which time the Battle of France was just over, and the British faced potential invasion. Due to many British guns littering French beaches, therefore production of the 2 pounder was made a high priority and the 6 pound development was delayed as a consequence. It was not until May 1942 that the 6 pounder entered service and saw action in the Battle of EWl Alamein, Western Desert campaign.

The first production variant was the Mk II with a /43 barrel. Because of its excellent performance in battle, the 6 pounder gradually replaced the 2 pounder, also mounted in British tanks. To confront German Tiger Tank, a new variant was developed by Woolwich Arsenal with a L/50 barrel and muzzle break, known as MkIV. Although there were more powerful 18 pounder entered services in later stages of war, the 6 pounder was still in service and also saw action in the Korean and the two Middle Eastern wars.

Box Features:

  • Bullet proof armour is replicated in realistic thickness
  • Highly detailed recoil cylinder system
  • Gun carriage can be built in firing or transport mode
  • Realistic workable travel lock
  • Realistic replicated structure of breechlock
  • Metal gun barrel with rifling
  • Two types of optional muzzle breaks
  • 2 rubber like tyres included
  • Ammo Box included
  • Precision phot etched parts included

Paint and glue are required and not included.

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