Academy 14215 - Titanic, The White Star Liner, Multi Colour Parts, 1:400 Scale. FREE Postage

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Academy - Titanic - The White Star Liner, Multi Coloured Parts, 1:400 Scale


The Titanic's maiden voyage sailed on her first and final voyage from Southampton, England on 10 April 1912. At 11:40pm on Sunday, 14 April the ship struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sank 2 hours and 40 minutes later. Only 705 of the over 2200 people on board were rescued, setting the stage for sweeping changes in the way ships at sea were operated. This Academy 1/400th scale model of the Titanic has a number of unique features and is easy to build.

The kit consists of 430 parts that are molded in black, tan, white, yellow, clear and brass plated plastic. The kit can be built straight from the box without painting, although painting the very fine detail will transform how great this model will look.

The hull is one piece with good plate and porthole details. The top 3 decks (boat, A-deck and B-deck) are detailed and interior decks are marked to show the layout of rooms and bulkheads. Rails are molded plastic and pre-shaped to follow to the deck outline. Deck details include separate ventilators, lifeboats, compass platform, benches, bollards and capstans. The deck mouldings also feature wood grain finish.

The anchors and propellers have simulated gold plating as does the Titanic nameplate that attaches to the included display base.

There is a comprehensive 20 page instruction booklet, providing painting and rigging details. Thread for rigging is included.

The completed kit measures 660 mm long and 71 mm across the beam.

Glue will be required and paint may be required. Neither are included.

Skill level 4.

This model kit includes FREE POstage to anywhere in Australia.